Wintertime Roof Repairs: Warning Signs and Solutions

Signs to look for…

  • Leaks – Internal leaks come from external cracks. If your roof is leaking, that means its structure has been compromised.
  • Sounds – While indoors, do you hear irregular creaks? Is the area of your doorways changing and causing doors to open on their own? These symptoms while small can indicate a very large problem, and may be reason to vacate your home immediately to avoid a collapse.
  • Sagging – This is probably the easiest way to tell that your roof is about to go. If it is sagging from the inside or outside, or if it’s bending any of the ceiling structure or pipes, that roof is on it’s way out.
  • Snow – More than a couple of inches of snow on any roof is not good. If you get caught in a snowstorm, be proactive and clear some snow from your roof when the weather clears up. Gradual buildup of snow and ice during the winter is the quickest way to ensure you are going to need a new roof.

Solutions for snow removal…

It’s all about being proactive. The best way to avoid costly roof repairs is to make sure your home is ready when there is severe weather on the horizon. Attic insulation can help roofs from becoming to cold, and causing ice to build up. Another solution is to keep your gutters clear. Ice buildup in gutters can cause a lot of extra weight as well as compromised draining as the snow begins to melt. Finally, after a snowstorm, raking your roof is the best way to relieve your home from extra roof tension. Roof rakes are even designed to be used from the safety of the ground, so don’t worry about walking on the roof when it’s icy out.


Severe weather is often a difficult event to prepare for. If your busy schedule isn’t allowing you enough time to prepare for winter storms – give Handyman Matters a call. Our craftsmen can take a look at your roof and help decide what your best solution would be – whether it’s replacing the roof altogether, adding insulation, or simply raking off old snow and ice, we have you covered. Give us a call today 866-FIX-MY-HOME, or head fill out our free estimate box at the top of this page.

You Don’t Need to Wait Until Spring to Start Your Garden!

Punxsutawney Phil has predicted 6 more weeks of winter.  Does this mean we should restrict ourselves from sunbathing and gardening? Handyman Matters doesn’t think so.  Here’s our guide to creating springtime indoors.

  • Kitchen Herb Gardens

Notoriously small, notoriously helpful.  Herb gardens are the tiny bits of life that can be squeezed into almost any home space.  If you have a window in your kitchen, hang a small rack to place these small pots in.  Improve your cooking and your kitchen aesthetics!

  • Seeding a Vegetable Garden

Start your outdoor garden, indoors!  Seeding a garden before you plant one outdoors will help insure its success.  To get started, install a large shelf and hang grow lights at the top.  Make sure the seedlings are getting enough light and position their trays accordingly.  Here’s some more information on planting techniques and shelf examples.

  • Building a Greenhouse

Are you looking to grow less practical plants?  Would you prefer to fill your home with flowers, succulents, or trees?  Greenhouses are perfect for creating the humid, tropical forest you’ve always wanted.  Green houses can vary from small home installations, to large backyard structures.  

  • Creating a Sunroom

It’s the living room version of the greenhouse!  When you want to live amongst the flowers and the sun – you build a sunroom.  Typically added as a home extension, these living spaces are glass enclosed rooms that allow you to enjoy the warmth of the indoors while also soaking up some rays.  Plants thrive in this kind of set up, so the more the merrier.

It may still be winter, but that doesn’t mean your home has to reflect that.  Spring can come early to your home with a few simple steps.  Thinking about adding on a sunroom or greenhouse to your home?  Looking to install an indoor garden?  Handyman Matters can help.  Call us today for a free quote (866-FIX-MY-HOME) or fill out the free quote form above.

Creative Doors for Your Home

Open layouts are all the rage when it comes to homes.  However; sometimes, you need a barrier between spaces.  Perhaps you need to keep kids out of your home office, or dogs out of the dining room, or you want to limit the amount of sound coming from the TV in your living room.

Just because you want more definite rooms doesn’t mean you have to give up the open feeling or visibility.  These days – choosing a door for the home is exciting, there are many options, with a variety of benefits.  Here are some to name a few (aka here are our favorites)…

Barn Door

Yes, this is not just for barns anymore.  These large doors act more like a removable wall, and they don’t need a swing radius because they slide!

Glass Door

Don’t box yourself in.  Glass doors keep light flowing throughout your home, while also restricting noise.

French Doors

The most beautiful double doors out there.  Create an elegant entrance into an office, library, or bedroom.  For a southern feel, try a narrow set in a stairwell or doorway.

Dutch Doors

Are not just for your exterior doors.  Perfect for cottage style homes! Keep a level of visibility while also creating a barrier.  These work best in pantries, and stairwells.

Pivot Doors

Nothing say modern like a pivot.  Create a full wall out of a glass, keep visibility, as well as mobility throughout the various rooms in your home.

Multipurpose Doors

They are walls, they are windows, they are doors.  Multipurpose doors are like temporary walls, allowing you to alter the size and intimacy of a room as needed.

Handyman Matters has your doorway solutions.  For a free estimate for installing one of these doors, give us a call! 866-FIX-MY-HOME.