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One of the cornerstones of Ace Handyman Services, dating well back to the company’s start as Handyman Matters in 1998, is that every Franchise Owner is a member of the community he or she serves. It’s our belief that, in order to truly understand the needs and concerns of our customers, we must be fellow citizens in the same world and experience the same things they encounter.

Our Franchise Owners:
• Live and work in the community they serve.
• Hire employees from the community and area they serve.
• Are small business owners.

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From the corporate office all the way down to each individually-owned location, the credo has been that in addition to serving the needs of our clients, we want to give back to the community in which we live and do business. If we find and can address a need, that benefits us all and makes everyone stronger.

Brett Jeffreys, our Fort Worth Ace Handyman Services owner since 2010, regularly demonstrates his dedication to both customers and community. His office has been the recipient of The Super Service Award from Angie’s List every year that he’s been with them. Brett and his family are also strong supporters of Camp Impact, a non-profit organization in Arlington and Grand Prairie TX dedicated to providing local homeless and underprivileged youth with an opportunity to attend a summer camp.

In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Erin Woods opened a Handyman Matters—now Ace Handyman Services—location in 2003 with her father Bob McRedmond. In 2019, Erin’s husband Bill Woods joined the Ace family by opening another office in the Lancaster and York areas. Erin’s office was awarded The Simply the Best – Handyman distinction in 2017, a title voted on by readers of Harrisburg Magazine. Erin is an active member of her community’s Rotary Club, and among the ways she gives back to her community is through Operation Christmas Shoebox Packing, an event in which families fill shoebox-sized boxes with toys, trinkets and basic necessity items such as toothbrushes, and distributed to those in need.

Stacy Huston, owner of our Park Cities, TX location, celebrated her tenth year anniversary as a Handyman Matters/Ace Handyman Services franchise owner by organizing her team to help build a greenhouse for Vogel Alcove, a Dallas-based organization that helps to ensure that homeless families with children have a home, a self-sufficient family, and a foundation for success.

As we currently face the threat of a worldwide pandemic and all of the uncertainty and fear it brings, it becomes more important than ever that we need to band together to get through this crisis as quickly and as safely as possible. It’s with Brett, Erin, Stacy and other people leading the way in their individual communities that we will face this challenge and then get back to our former day-to-day routines and helping to better the lives of everyone around us.

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We’re in that transitional time of year where it isn’t done being winter, but it’s not quite spring yet, either. Daylight and warmer temperatures are in short supply, making it a challenge to get motivated to do anything–even just scheduling a craftsman to paint that dingy entryway, repair that loose step, fix that dripping kitchen faucet or any of the other annoying little problems you’ve been conveniently ignoring for a while now.

But shake off those late-winter blahs… there are a couple of reasons why right now is the best time to get those repair projects tackled.

First of all, summer is a time for fun and recreation. Maybe you’ve got some vacation trips planned; maybe you’ll have friends and family visiting. You want to be at the pool or on the golf course, not dodging tools, paint, tarps, and workmen every which way you turn. And you want your guests to see your home at its absolute best, with everything in top working order and looking great.

Secondly, summer is generally the peak time for home repair demands. If you wait until May or June to call to schedule cabinet installation, painting, bathroom caulking, sink replacement, changing out old light fixtures, or any other job you’ve been putting off, you may find yourself waiting a lot longer than you’d planned before that reliable, trusted handyman company has an opening in their schedule.

The late winter/early spring months are traditionally slower times across the home repair and remodel industry, so arranging for a craftsman in March or early April is likely going to yield much faster results. It’s also possible that you’ll find there are great deals to be had by booking in this slower time of year.

Ace Handyman Services works hard to be the go-to repair company of choice, and they’ve come up with a couple of customer-friendly packages that people are finding especially appealing during these gloomy, not-quite spring, not-yet-done-being winter days.

Take a few minutes to check out the offers page for your local Ace Handyman Services office. Year-round, they offer Half-Day and Full-Day Deals that allow you to put together a to-do list of things you most want to tackle around your home. But there are often additional deals to be had this time of year. Check out our website or give the office a call where the friendly TEAM Coordinator who answers the phone will be happy to listen to your needs and to help you arrive at an arrangement best suited to your individual needs and wishes.

Let us help you love your home in the best, most efficient way possible.

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A quick internet search for handyman services quickly reveals that there’s no shortage of people ready to come to your home and fix whatever needs repairing. The problem is, quantity rarely translates into quality, and nowhere is that more obvious than in the field of home repair. You may talk to somebody who sounds like an expert and who will promise you the moon, but the results delivered may be far from what you’d expected.

Most of us who’ve owned a house or rented a place has had the unfortunate experience of dealing with some type of service provider whose services were… well, less than satisfactory. So, when a problem arises, and you need someone on your doorstep to repair or replace something, how can you make the best-informed decision to hire the right company or individual? The answer is in the title of this article: Hire a company that provides licensed, insured and bonded craftsmen to do the job.

Let’s break down these three things:

Being licensed means that the company and/or the individual you hire holds all the appropriate licenses to do business in your state. He isn’t just someone operating on his own, flying under the radar.

Being insured demonstrates that the company and/or the individual craftsman holds a liability policy. This covers two things: Property damage and employee injury. And it means that in the event of a problem, the company has insurance to cover it, and the homeowner’s own insurance policy will not be affected.

Being bonded guarantees protection for the customer against any sort of fraudulent acts or dishonesty.

Nobody wants to spend their hard-earned money any faster than we have to, and it’s a natural instinct to want to hire the person or the company that charges the least for their services, whatever those services may be. And sometimes, that works out great for everyone involved. But it’s much better to practice due diligence. Why are one company’s services so much cheaper than another’s? The “bargain” you think you are getting may not be such a bargain, after all.

If you are inviting a stranger into your home for a repair or a remodeling project, you are entitled—in fact, you are obligated—to ask the hard questions.

“Do you have a license to do the kind of work you are doing?” “What kind of insurance do you carry?” “Are you and every one of your employees who will be setting foot in my house bonded?” (Some home repair businesses hire only subcontractors, and they may not be bonded or covered under the company’s insurance policy.)

Ace Handyman Services requires that all of its offices be licensed, insured and bonded. Detailed background checks are conducted on all craftsmen who wear the Ace Handyman Services logo. Kim Hobden, manager of the Denver North Metro office explains the company’s philosophy this way:

“When a customer calls seeking help and inquiring about our services and the prices we charge, I give them a brief background on us and how we conduct business. There are times, naturally, when the customer says they are still ‘looking around’ and maybe back in touch after they’ve talked to some other home repair companies, whether it’s because they’re hoping for something cheaper, or they simply want to gather as much information as possible. I completely understand, and I always encourage people to make certain that they ask every company they talk to whether or not they are licensed, insured and bonded. Whether that individual becomes a customer of ours or chooses to go with somebody else, I want to make sure they are safe and in good hands. It’s just the right thing to do.

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With the exciting announcement that Ace Hardware and Handyman Matters have joined forces to enable the latter to become Ace Handyman Services, some questions have arisen, as well. READ MORE> Specifically, what does the future hold for this new collaboration? What changes may be coming?

The short answer is that everyone can expect the same great service and results they have experienced from both of these brands in the past. From a client viewpoint, the only change is that there’s now an added synergy, making it even easier for our loyal customers to bring improvements and enhancements to their homes.

What about the changes?

Ace Hardware customers who have been asking the company to launch in-house home-improvement services will now be able to take advantage of Handyman Matters’ ability to provide 1, 162 different home repair jobs. Handyman Matters customers will be able to utilize professional craftsmen who have access to Ace’s wide range of products and tools. This is what you might call a win/win/win scenario!

With 4600 locations across the United States, there is an Ace Hardware Store located within 15 minutes of 75% of all U.S. Households. Each carries an impressive range of products, including exclusive deals with a number of manufacturers such as Benjamin Moore Paints, Oakbrook Collection, Home Plus and many more. Combine that with Handyman Matters, recipient of Newsweek’s Best Customer Service Award for the past two years, with 57 franchise locations in 23 states, and it quickly becomes a no-brainer: This new collaboration aims to Bring Helpful to Your Home. It’s a natural fit between two companies that have long shared a similar set of values and practices: Doing right by our customers and treating their homes with respect and care.

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But first, did you know:

– That Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated in more countries than any other national festival?

– That Saint Patrick, a 5th-century missionary and bishop in Ireland, is famed for, among other things, driving all snakes out of Ireland? This legend is actually based on the fact that he converted thousands of pagan Irish to Christianity; the “snakes” he drove out were actually druids converted to the new religion!

– That, for a period of time in the late 1700s, BLUE became the color to represent the holiday—due to The Order of St. Patrick, an Anglo-Irish chivalric order? Fortunately, GREEN later regained its position as the official color of the date.

Now that we’re in a proper frame of mind for observing Saint Patrick’s Day, here are a few household “facelifts” you might want to consider tackling this month. These can be accomplished with a minimum of fuss and without spending a whole lot of “green:”

– Update your kitchen or bathroom faucets

– Install a new low-Learnwater flow toilet (great for reducing your water bill)

– Replace that old caulking in your bathroom and kitchen

– Paint an accent wall

– Get organized and install some shelves

– Spruce up your entryway with a new light fixture

– and much, much more!

March is a great month to tackle some of those smaller household upgrades that can make such a difference in your home without depleting your wallet. Talk to the TEAM Coordinator at your local Ace Handyman Services office to see about scheduling a visit in honor of Saint Patrick today!

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An Ace Handyman Services Half-Day Package is a terrific opportunity to bundle together a half-dozen or more of those home repair tasks that are waiting to be tackled around your house. These are the minor repair and replacement jobs that seem too small to require the services of a professional craftsman all by themselves.

Except that, over time, there aren’t just one or two of these small inconveniences any longer. Now there are quite a few, all creating problems, enough to keep a handyman busy for half a day!

Ace Handyman Services offers a special package tailored to your specific problems and needs. It’s a four-hour block of time during which a licensed, bonded and insured craftsman will be at your beck and call.

You can put together a list of the projects needing attention, and our craftsman will tackle them, starting with the top item and working his way down. You may be surprised at just how many items he can complete in four hours!

Take ten or fifteen minutes to walk around your home with a pen and notepad, writing down the things that catch your eye. These might include such things as drywall that needs patching, kitchen or bathroom faucets that need replacing or upgrading, cracked and crumbling caulking, torn window or door screens, small painting projects, spots where weatherstripping should be installed or replaced, maybe even a bathroom sink vanity replacement! We’re confident the more you look around your house, the more things that could use some TLC are going to catch your eye.

With the list in hand, call your local Ace Handyman Services and consult with the TEAM Coordinator who answers the phone. She or he will listen carefully, answering your questions and addressing your concerns, and then help you tailor a Half-Day Package to best suit your specific needs.

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