Enter the New Year with a New Front Door

The warm feeling of coming home from a long day or the excitement of guests visiting all begins at your home’s entrance. The front door is the first thing people see when they arrive at your house. So, as you enter the new year, think about the ways you can enhance your doorway to create a lasting impression for your guests.

For a simple update, try a new color. Bold red is a classic, but you can also experiment with a deep blue, forest green, or even a bright yellow. A pop of color will help your doorway stand out and make your home look unique. Our Craftsman will detach the door, professionally paint it the color of your choice, and then rehang it.  The results will be clean, elegant, and inviting.

The trim around your front door provides another opportunity to revitalize your entryway. Consider having a Craftsman paint the trim an accent color that complements the color of the door itself. Another option is to replace your current trim with a more decorative molding to give it a more dramatic look.

Aging or rusted hardware, fixtures or house numbers on your front door can easily be replaced for a quick, simple improvement. Small changes make a big difference.   If the job is bigger than these enhancement ideas, then look into replacing the door itself. A big change may be what you need to enter the new year. Our Craftsman can expertly hang a new front door.

No matter what level of renovation you plan on using to spruce up your doorway, our Craftsman are happy to take care of it for you. With just one call and an update, your front door can make a wonderful first impression.

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