What is an Ace Handyman Multi-Skilled Craftsman?


The Oxford dictionary defines Multi-Skilled as “having a range of skills or abilities.” 

A Multi-Skilled Craftsman is like a rocket scientist – we all know they do something special, but we aren’t sure where they come from, let alone what they do. Today, you’ll know both. Unlike a degree that makes you a rocket scientist, it takes a Craftsman decades to become multi-skilled.  

Our Craftsman come from a wide range of varying backgrounds and skills. The amazing men and women that make up our team are truly the homeowner’s secret weapon, designed to tackle a wide range of household challenges. 

But more than that, these tasks require true creativity that can only be learned from years of being in the trades. It’s the Multi-Skilled Craftsmen at Ace Handyman Services who make everything in our company work.  

Quite simply put, a Multi-Skilled Craftsman is someone who can do so much for so many, in so many ways. 

How it all began 

The founder of our company started with a simple notion – to bring ethics and integrity to home improvement. He identified two critical problems:   

Tradesmen and women frequently weren’t treated with the respect and dignity they deserved by the very companies they were working for. 

Secondly, our founder had experienced the same frustrations that many of our customers have dealt with: no-shows, late shows, or no call-backs from either the tradespeople or the company they’d hired to show up and do the work. 

No one was being treated properly. Yet he was audacious enough to believe he could change the industry. And he still believes that today. 

How it all works 

Our Multi-Skilled Craftsmen show up on time, do the work as directed by the homeowner, and gather more 5-Star ratings than any other home repair business, because we’ve been at it for more than 20 years. We have developed extensive scheduling, estimating, and training programs, all geared to ensure the Craftsman will be at your home exactly as promised. We call the night before to confirm the project list and we text when we are on the way – all experiences that are new to most homeowners. It’s this reliability, as well as the 1-year guarantee, and precision of the work from these artists, that make Ace Handyman Services stand out in the industry. 

How we find them – What does it take to work for Ace? 

The best of the best are more than artists with their hands and skills from years of learning. They have servant hearts with a desire to make our customers’ lives better.  Our customers aren’t just our clients; we consider them our neighbors.  

These men and women come mostly from the trades; many are former carpenters, and many are retired from other lives and careers. You know them: They are in their garages, always working on something – whether it be fixing their own homes or helping with a neighbor’s repairs.  They are building things with their hands, anything from furniture and cabinets to skateboards and pottery. They have hidden talents from a lifetime of doing it themselves.  


A Multi-Skilled Craftsman 

Our men and women are more than artists. They take pride in their work and treat everything like it’s their own blank canvas. They approach each challenge with a lifetime of skills. They delight in fixing the unfixable and solving the unsolvable. Their minds uniquely see ways to make something work and have the skills with their hands to make it happen. They are friends and neighbors, family men and women with a giving heart. 

Does this Sound Like Someone You Know? 

You probably didn’t’ realize how much there is to being a Craftsman. In fact, an Ace Handyman Services Craftsman is so unusual, they are hard to find. Do you know someone like this? Do you have a friend or neighbor like this?  

What do our Craftsmen say? 

Most Ace Craftsmen will tell you that we are different than any place they have ever worked, because we have a whole team behind them. We find the work for them, and schedule it in such a way that allows them to go home every night to be with their families and friends. They understand that we treat everyone, from the boss to the newest person, with dignity and respect. They love the independence of a job being their job, with no boss peering over their shoulder, as they build creative solutions to unique challenges. They like being known by name by their customers and called for the next time the homeowner has a list. It’s the best of both worlds – being scheduled and cared for, but being independent and trusted. 

Delivering on Our Craftsman Promise – A Balanced Life 

The day truly ends at the end of their day. They are not up late doing paperwork – collecting from previously finished jobs, or paying their teams, or doing estimates for work that is yet to come. They go home at night with the confidence that the next day’s schedule is already in place. For many, it’s the first time they’ve had balance in their lives since they bought their first tool. 

Our whole company is set up to serve those who serve our customers. Office managers take pride in making their Craftsmen’s lives work and having their next day in place. Owners are the same. They care for their Craftsmen like family. They flex schedules so these men and women can enjoy a proper work/life balance. They offer paid vacations and benefits. They carefully hire teams around them, more equally servant-hearted staff that will ensure the process remains consistent and true to our founder’s original vision: respect for one and all. 

So, if you were wondering how we do what we do – know that it all starts and finishes by serving the Craftsman – so that she or he can do what they love, in a way that they believe works best for you, our customer and our neighbor.   

(Now you know)