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No one has time anymore these days.

If you find yourself frequently saying, “Sorry, life’s just been so crazy lately” or texting, “I haven’t had two seconds to myself,” you’re not alone. Recent studies have shown with the shift in the work force to two working parents, there’s barely room for family time, much less tackling that list of small repairs around the house that just seems to keep growing each day!

Day or Night

As your home ally, Handyman Matters is here to make those challenges easier for you by taking some of those to-do items off of that list.  You can easily book all of your home improvements and repair projects online with just the click of a button—day or night!

Here’s how to make it happen:
First, prioritize the list of items you’d most like to have us tackle for you.

Once, you’ve made your list, visit, where you can enter your zip code to take you to the homepage of the Handyman Matters office nearest you.  Once there, click on the “Offers” tab in the upper right-hand corner.  Once you’re there, you’ll see both our Half Day and Full Day packages.  The Half Day package provides you 4 hours of the services of a professional and qualified craftsman; the Full Day package gives you 8 hours.

By consulting your own to-do list, you can determine which of these choices best serves your needs, and plan accordingly.  Once you’ve decided, you can book your project online, 24/7.  It’s a simple and cost-effective way to arrange a visit from your local Handyman Matters office, and one less thing to keep you from enjoying some quality time with family and friends.

Visit anytime and book your project online 24/7—when it’s most convenient for you!

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Helping you love your home…Not just on Valentine’s Day

Love naturally is in the air in February, Valentine’s Day right!?  That got us to thinking, how do you all know that Handyman Matters is committed to helping you love your home?  Simple.  Don’t take our word for it. 

We are fortunate enough to receive Feedback and Reviews from our customers every day.  While proud that an overwhelming amount are positive, we also recognize that mistakes do happen.  In order to help you love your home ALL the time and not just on Valentine’s Day, we must be committed to becoming your Home Ally and be the resource you need.   For that, we take all feedback, good and bad and learn from it.

However, in order to allow you to not take our word for it, please see a small sample of the type of reviews we get daily.   This is the love that we receive from customers, driving us to be better and better every day.

Combined Reviews

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