At the start of a new year, we’re all aspiring for personal growth and improvement, we’re full of ambition and resolutions. Whether it’s to lose weight, become more active, or get organized, we all have great intentions to make these essential changes in our lives.

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Are you a recent empty-nester?  Have you just finished decluttering the house?  Or maybe you’ve simply been contemplating the current layout of your living space and you wonder if there could be a more efficient—or a more attractive—way of arranging your belongings.

You could, of course, put your home on the market and find an entirely new place to live, but if you’re looking for something a little less disruptive and complicated, here are a handful of smaller suggestions to consider.

EXPAND AN EXISTING ROOM – Is there a room in your home that’s rarely used these days?  Consider the idea of knocking down the wall between it and an adjoining room to create a more open and welcoming space between the two.  Interestingly, a larger expanse can give a stronger sense of intimacy!

ADD A CLOSET OR INCREASE THE SIZE OF A CURRENT ONE – Maybe it’s time to consider turning that small, cramped closet into a walk-in space where your clothes, shoes and other paraphernalia aren’t competing for visibility.  Examine your options:  is there some adjoining space that could be better served by making it part of a larger closet?

ADD OR MOVE CABINETS – Every home seems to have that catch-all cabinet and/or that junk drawer, the place where everything that has nowhere else to be winds up.  Even those storage spots that have an assigned purpose tend to accumulate items that don’t belong there, because they don’t quite seem to fit anyplace else.  Conduct a walk-through of your home for the specific purpose of inventorying cabinet/cupboard locations and their contents.  It’s probably been awhile since you actively considered whether things are stored in their most convenient spot.  You’ve simply become accustomed to retrieving them as needed without much thought about how far you have to walk, or how deeply you have to dig.

LOOK AROUND FOR UNUSED AREAS – Most homes have a lot of unoccupied space…if you know where to look.  Is it possible to open up space under a set of stairs for cabinets, sets of drawers, or even shelves?  Also, “think vertical!”  Floor-to-ceiling built-in-shelves enable you to put overhead space to better use.  In your kitchen, can you mount a second bank of cabinets above the existing ones?  These are good locations for those seldom-used items that are taking up valuable real estate in the more accessible cupboards.  Are there stray corners in your home, particularly behind doors, where diagonal shelves could be installed?  These don’t impede traffic or block the door and serve as both a point of decoration for things like vases and framed photographs, and for objects you typically grab on your way out of the house.

LOOK FOR FURNITURE THAT CAN DO DOUBLE-DUTY – Furniture has become amazingly functional in new ways these days.  Many beds, couches, coffee tables, credenzas and other items are now designed to have multiple uses, including hidden storage space.  A trip to a local furniture store can open you up to all kinds of new ways to relocate your possessions.

These are just a few of the options worth considering if you are looking to upgrade your home with an eye towards space reconfiguration.  Our many Handyman Matters offices have qualified craftsmen who can help you decide what the best option for your home may be, and to help you complete the job to your satisfaction.  Call 1(800)FIX-MY-HOME or go to www.handymanmatters.com where you can enter your zip code to find the phone number of the Handyman Matters location nearest you.