Ace Handyman Services always follows CDC best-practices safety guidelines. Masks are no longer in those guidelines. We will ask all customers, when scheduling their work, if they would like us to wear a mask — We want you to be comfortable with how we work in your home.

Profile Photo of Andy Bell  CEO/Founder
Andy Bell


A self-described refugee from the corporate world, Andy Bell was first a stockbroker and then a leader in the food and beverage industry for ten years before leaving to begin the Handyman business concept in 1998.

He continues to serve the Handyman Industry, leading a team dedicated to improving the image of the home repair and improvement industry, utilizing both innovative technology and principles of conduct & ethics to create a better customer experience for every client.

Andy is a staunch advocate for a healthy work and family life balance for everyone within the Ace Handyman Services franchise system, employees and owners alike.

His own pursuits away from the office include jogging, fly fishing, ceramic pottery, and spending time with his sons.

A drive to redefine home improvement for the better and celebrate the Handyman trade category as a respected, trusted and integral part of everyone's home ownership-your helpful home ally is his passion!

Profile Photo of Mark Douglass  President of Operations
Mark Douglass

President of Operations

Mark is one of the original co-founders of Ace Handyman Services who started with Andy in 1998. He started the proof of concept office in Boulder CO, growing that alongside Andy's Denver market, while helping to create the franchise concept. Today, Mark is President of Corporate Operations and a strategic part of the management team. He has developed an amazing TEAM and oversees the company owned franchise locations in the Denver market.

Mark is passionate about creating a workplace that sprouting tradespeople can learn and excel by bringing the fading old world craftsmanship skillsets back into society. He is and has always been instrumental in the development and management of the Brand and our unique business model and tools that sets Ace Handyman Services apart from competitors.

When not working, Mark enjoys family time and his two boys. Camping, fly-fishing, dirt biking and playing ice hockey.

Profile Photo of Chris Bue  President of Franchising
Chris Bue

President of Franchising

Chris is our President. Chris' role is also known as the "integrator" as his main focus is to coordinate the execution of key strategic initiatives across each department. Chris brings nearly 20 years of operational experience to Ace Handyman Franchising with an emphasis on franchising that spans several different industries and concepts. Chris joined the company in 2014 and has been committed to supporting our operations to achieve maximum performance, both in revenues and profits.

With the understanding that the culture of the company starts with the leadership, Chris has been instrumental in building a collaborative TEAM at the Support Center. Working side by side with Chad (CMO), together they have led the TEAM to create scalable and sustainable Operations and Marketing programs & processes to push the company well into the future.

During his personal time, Chris enjoys snowboarding, camping, hiking, coaching sports and an occasional family vacation.

Profile Photo of Aaron Williams  Vice President of Operations and Technology
Aaron Williams

Vice President of Operations and Technology

Aaron is the Vice President of Operations and Technology. He is responsible for bringing together the operational side of the business with the integrated technology that differentiates us from our competition. Aaron brings a strong technical background to the organization, with over 20 years of engineering and software experience. He is a graduate of Columbia University and has degrees in Mathematics, Physics and Engineering.

As the son of a carpenter, his passion for home improvement began at an early age. Aaron grew up working for his family's business, where he learned everything that is great about building things, and also developed a deep understanding of the challenges within this industry.

Aaron is a proud father of two daughters. Outside of work he is either running, coaching his kids in sports, or playing in the mountains.