Ace Handyman Services always follows CDC best-practices safety guidelines. Masks are no longer in those guidelines. We will ask all customers, when scheduling their work, if they would like us to wear a mask – We want you to be comfortable with how we work in your home.


During these crazy times, we hope you are at home, healthy and safe.  We are considered an essential business and have PPE guidelines in place for our customers and craftsman.  We take it seriously.  Please review our Homeowner and Customer Safety guidelines. Give us a call anytime for those home repairs and projects.

You can call us or Book Online and we will “bring helpful to your home” safely.


It’s getting time to shut down your swamp cooler


It’s the time of year when you need to start thinking of the cold days ahead.  Ace Handyman Services is offering a Swamp Cooler Shut Down Package.  You can visit our website for more information by clicking here Offers

Our schedule is filling up quickly and you don’t want to wait.  Call Ace Handyman Services Metro Denver at 303.531.6133 or you can Book Online 24/7.  We are only a phone call and click away, it’s that easy!

Enjoy the rest of summer!

Why not enjoy the last days of summer doing:

• BBQ on your deck.

• Plan a beach day!

• Enjoying a book.

• Decorating for the fall

Let our Professional Ace Handyman do:

• Repair your fence or gate

• Repair and deck boards or stair boards

• Caulk around the exterior of your home

• Clean your gutters

• Weather stripping

Rather you have a long list or short list, we can take care of it with one call or one click! Take advantage of our Half-Day or Full Day Packages and we will complete as much as you like or can on the list! Book Online


 How We Work Safely in Your Home

Our Standards to Protect You and Our Craftsmen

It’s your home – and you only want to do business with those who understand how to safely enter it, get work done, and leave it safely.
We understand how it is difficult to navigate the challenges of COVID-19 and making your household run and be safe. State by state, the rules and regulations vary widely – we follow the local mandates and orders for the markets we serve and the guidelines of the CDC

1. Get in touch with us and tell us what you need

Call us or book online –Within that call we will confirm the health of the Craftsman assigned to your job. Then we will review our safety protocols to ensure that you know how we will enter your home to do the work. (When the Craftsman enters your home, they will confirm the work to be completed and either get a verbal agreement on your estimate or confirmation via email).

2. We will enter your home and safely complete the work

Your Craftsman will don safety equipment and follow best practice health protocols set forth by the CDC that includes:
• Wearing a new face mask
• Wearing new shoe covers
• Wearing a new pair of disposable gloves
• Applying hand sanitizer on the front porch, and throughout the job
• Following CDC social distancing standards while in your home
• Using disinfectant solution to clean the area prior to the work

3. We will leave our work area fully sanitized and ready for you to enjoy

Once the work is complete, your Craftsman will get your approval on work completed and:
• Gather tools and parts to clear the work area
• Don a second pair of disposable gloves to disinfect the work area
• Thank you for letting us make life a little bit better in your home!

Handyman Matters is now Ace Handyman Services

In 1998, Handyman Matters was founded and have served thousands of customers thru out the country.  March 2, 2020, we became part of an amazing brand, Ace Hardware!  We have rebranded and changed our name to Ace Handyman Services!  We provide the same top-notch service and quality craftmanship but just a different name.  Our phone numbers are the same, same employees and same great customer service.  Check out our out our new website: 


February Special

For the month of February only we are offering a free hour of professional Handyman service when you book a Half Day Package with us.  That’s right!  Book 4 hours and get 1 free!

Please take advantage of this offer as it will not last long, only available for the month of February.

Get that list ready for us and we will complete as soon as many projects for you as we can.

We can:

  •   Caulking – both interior and exterior
  •   Drywall Repairs
  •   Painting
  •  Install Shelves, hang pictures
  •   Caulking for bathroom, kitchen, shower
  •   Upgrade your bathroom and/or kitchen amenities
  •   Upgrade a mounting or fixture
  •   Mount a TV
  •   Update all your fire/smoke alarms
  •   Weather stripping
  •   And much more!!!

  Booking is easy and simple!  Call us at 303.531.6133 or Book Online 24/7!

 That’s 5 hours of handyman service for 4!  Don’t Delay!

Holiday Light Package

Need those holidays lights hung?  We have a special package for you!  We will hang your lights and take them down.  All you do is supply the materials (lights, extension cords, etc.)  Check out our package for more details by clicking Holiday Light Package!  For easy scheduling 24/7, you can Book Online!

 Ace Handyman Services North Metro Denver Named One of America’s Best Customer Service Companies by Newsweek for Second Consecutive Year

Franchise recognized again in the Handyman Referral Service and Home Repairs category.  Attributes recognition to commitment to the customer experience and becoming the home ally.
Lakewood, Colorado – Ace Handyman Services has once again been recognized as a top brand as part of Newsweek's list of America's Best Companies for Customer Service for 2020.  Similar to last year, an independent study used data from a survey of more than 20,000 US customers and focused solely on customer service.

"This recognition is continued validation of our Service Path process and a true focus on the customer experience." said Chris Bue, CEO of Ace Handyman Services. "Our owners continue to exceed the customer’s expectation and it shows with this recognition two years in a row."
Ace Handyman Services, recently acquired by Ace Hardware, provides background checked, multi-skilled craftsmen, whom can handle a homeowner’s to-do list.  The half day package continues to be the most sought-after service from customers, allowing a craftsman to get numerous items or tasks done around the home completed in four hours. Visit for a full list of services and packages.
Kim Hobden, General Manager of the North Metro Denver location stated, "I’m so proud of our team and how hard they have worked for this accomplishment for the second year in a row.  It was an honor to be recognized last year, and we’re delighted to be recognized once again as it shows the commitment we are making to our customers.”
Ace Handyman Services guarantees their work and offers a “like it’s our home” promise.  Check out why Ace Handyman Services is different here:
About Ace Handyman Services

Founded in 1998 and recently acquired by Ace Hardware, Ace Handyman Services is a national franchise organization that offers home and commercial improvement services. For more information visit  

About Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware is the largest retailer-owned hardware cooperative in the world with more than 5,200 locally owned and operated hardware stores in approximately 70 countries. Headquartered in Oak Brook, Ill., Ace and its subsidiaries operate an expansive network of distribution centers in the U.S. and have distribution capabilities in Ningbo, China; Colon, Panama; and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Since 1924, Ace has become a part of local communities around the world and known as the place with the helpful hardware folks. For more information, visit or


Ace Hardware Announces Acquisition of Handyman Matters Franchise

Hardware Cooperative Expands into the Do-it-for-me Market with New Ace Handyman Services

OAK BROOK, Ill., Sept. 6,2019-Ace Hardware Corporation, the world’s largest retailer-owned hardware cooperative,announced today it has completed the acquisition of Handyman Matters, a franchisor of home repair, maintenance, and improvement services based in Denver, Colorado. Handyman Matters will become Ace Handyman Services and operate as a new stand-alone, subsidiary of Ace Hardware Corporation.

Ace Handyman Services is a franchise organization of locally owned and operated and company-owned locations that offer professional and multi-skilled craftsmen and women, trained to handle a homeowners’ to-do list in addition to larger projects. On-site services to consumers and small businesses include carpentry, fixtures, installation, drywall, painting, flooring and much more. The franchisor currently has 57 franchisees who collectively employ approximately 250 handymen and women in 121 territories across 23 states.

“The introduction of Ace Handyman Services provides a platform from which Ace can further deliver on our helpful promise to consumers while expanding our presence in the growing do-it-for-me segment,” said John Venhuizen, President and CEO of Ace Hardware Corporation. “This acquisition combines a proven home repair and maintenance franchise system with Ace’s trusted brand and renowned helpful service. Providing increased support to existing franchisees while aggressively recruiting more is part of a compelling evolution in our plan for strategic growth and our retailers’ continued success.”

Andy Bell, the founder and CEO of Handyman Matters will continue to lead the day-to-day business operations for Ace Handyman Services from its headquarters in Denver. Integration and re-branding initiatives are currently underway with a target completion in the first quarter of 2020.

“We are thrilled to be a part of the Ace family. In addition to supporting locally owned and operated businesses, Ace and Handyman Matters also share a commitment to quality and outstanding service,” said Andy Bell, founder and CEO of Handyman Matters. “As part of the new Ace Handyman Services, our franchisees have a tremendous opportunity to grow their businesses in collaboration with Ace and its trusted retailers.

”For information about investment opportunities with Ace Hardware visit and for information about investment opportunities with Ace Handyman Services visit

About Handyman Matters

Founded in 1998 and recently celebrated 20 years in business, Handyman Matters is a national franchise organization that offers home and commercial maintenance, improvement and minor remodeling services.

About Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware is the largest retailer-owned hardware cooperative in the world with more than 5,200 locally owned and operated hardware stores in approximately 70 countries. Headquartered in Oak Brook, Ill., Ace and its subsidiaries operate an expansive network of distribution centers in the U.S. and have distribution capabilities in Ningbo, China; Colon, Panama; and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Since 1924, Ace has become a part of local communities around the world and known as the place with the helpful hardware folks. For more information, visit or


Fall Is Coming


Fall is coming and there are only a few months until winter arrives, which is why September is the perfect month to wrap up any lingering warm weather projects and get your house ready for imminent cold weather, rain, and snow. Here are 10 important projects to tackle this month, so that when the leaves change colors and the temperatures drop you can rest easy with a cup of apple cider knowing your home is in good shape.  Call or Book-Online and reserve your Handyman so you can enjoy the fall!

1. Inspect your roof for any damage or repairs

2.  Clean and inspect your gutters

3.  Check your eaves, siding and gables for any holes or damage

4.  Change your furnace filter

5.  Test smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and change batteries

6.  Make sure your fire extinguisher is in working order

7.  Check window and doors for any gaps

8.  Shut down and winterize your swamp cooler or service your central a/c unit

9.  Check all exterior lights

10. Plant some bulbs in your garden!

 Check our Half Day and Full Day Packages for special offers!  You can call or book on-line for easy scheduling. 

Summer Time Home Maintenance



Everything you need to do to keep your home and yard in tip-top shape this summer.

Now that summer's here, you'll want to prepare your home and yard for the onslaught of summer heat. From air-conditioner/swamp cooler upkeep to hanging a clothesline, these simple chores will help keep your home happy and healthy.

 Check detectors. Check your home's smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to make sure they're working properly.

Inspect air-conditioners/swamp coolers.If you haven't already, prep air conditioners and fans for their busiest season.

Clean Ceiling Fans.Clean all ceiling fans and other fans with a damp rag. If you have high ceilings, a ceiling-fan duster can help you de-grime hard-to-reach blades.

Polish your porch. Thoroughly sweep painted porch floors; then mop them with an all-purpose cleaner. If there's a lot of built-up dirt on the floorboards, you may need to scrub them with a brush.

Analyze your deck. Look over your deck for signs of rotting and hammer in any nails that are poking up. Then, determine if your deck needs sealing. Sprinkle water on the deck's boards. If the water beads up, you're in good shape; but if it soaks right in, it's time to reseal.

Wash your windows. If you didn't tackle exterior window washing in the spring, now's the time to get your glass clean.

Make much ado about mulch. Add a layer of mulch to keep weeds down and help the ground retain its moisture in the heat. It'll give your plants a chance to grow.

Be a leak detective. Check your hoses and exterior valves for leaks -- even a tiny drip can add up to a big waste of water. Pinhole leaks in hoses can be covered up by winding regular insulating tape around the (dry) hose in overlapping layers.

Plan your watering schedule.Train your garden to endure dry days by watering deeply a couple times a week, instead of watering lightly daily. This style of watering will promote the growth of deep, strong roots.

Book your Handyman with our Half-Day or Full Day Package today!

10 Best Things to do to get your house ready to sell!

1. Pick a day to list in the future and work backwards from it.  Make a list of what needs to be done (ideas are below) and set a time to get them done.  Communicate with your realtor when you will be ready for showings.

2 .Ask for other opinions of things that need to be done.  You know that trim in your kitchen that you planned on painting, but only go primer on it.  Oh, wait that’s my kitchen!  I don’t even notice it anymore.  Have someone with fresh eyes to walk your home.  Your prospective buyers will see EVERYTHING.  Have a cocktail party and invite your friends to walk through your home with you.

3. Treat it like a business.  Your house is no longer just a home, it’s an asset you are trying to get top dollar for.  We know what your house means to you…the way it’s painted, the stuff you have on your walls…none of it matters anymore.  It’s an asset that you want top dollar for.

4. De-clutter.  Have you seen those pictures of living rooms and kitchens in advertisements?  They look amazing, don’t they?  Pay attention to those photos, there are limited decorations on the wall with strategically placed decorations.  Too much furniture, store it to give a spacious feeling.

5. Do some research on staging.  There’s a good chance that your furniture has been arranged the same way for a decade.  And that’s fine 0 it could be the best way to showcase your home.  But there might be a different way to stage your house that you never thought of.  Think fresh white towels and throw rugs.  Putting fresh flowers out is charming!

6. Paint!  Freshly painted rooms look so clean.  Stick to neutral colors.  While your painting consider different or new window treatments in some of the main rooms.  They don’t need to be expensive, but a few hundred dollars spent on curtain rods, curtains and nice 2” white blinds go a long way.

7. Focus on curb appeal.  This is the first impression.  Give it a good power wash, especially vinyl siding.  Fix all the little stuff.  Repair trim pieces and repaint nicks.  Get fresh mulch.  It looks so nice and won’t break the budget.  Keep the lawn mowed and trimmed.  Keep toys out of the hard.

8. Have a plan for a showing. 

  • Clean all dishes and put them away.
  • Make all beds
  • Put all clothes in dressers, on hangers or covered in hampers.  Try not to have clothes in the washer or dryer.  People open everything!
  • Vacuum and sweep everything.
  • Have clean unused linens on hand.  Keep the folded up in a dresser and pull them out!  Remember the fresh white linens!
  • Light candles and don’t forget those fresh flowers.

9. Take great photos! You can take photos, your realtor or hire a professional!  Ask your realtor, they have great ideas!  Professionals always know the right angle, right lighting and filters.  Trust them.

10. Price it right out of the gate and get your realtor excited!  Pricing is tricky rely on your realtor for advice.  You want to sell it fast…but if it sells too fast, maybe you priced it too low.

Ace Handyman Services is here to help you!  Let us take some of the pressure off of you.  Call or book online today.  Visit our website for a special offer when selling your home!



Mount a Flat-Panel TV



When you are hanging a flat TV worth hundreds of dollars, it pays to do the job right.  Call Ace Handyman Services to have a Professional Handyman install it for you.  Here is what you need to know because you are probably thinking, “I can do this! It’s just hanging something on the wall”.  What you really need to think about is:  Where is the stud?  Is it center for where you want to mount it?  Do you have the proper tools?  Do you have the proper hardware to securely install in the wall?  Do you have the correct mount?  Do you want to conceal the wire?

Why not relax and let Ace Handyman Services install your Flat Screen?  Give us a call today or book online and we will take care of it for you!  We warranty all our workmanship for one year and scheduling is easy! 

Book online by clicking the link




Let  Ace Handyman Services North Metro Denver get your “honey-do-list” done while you prepare for the holidays.

We can help you with almost anything home:

  • Drywall patch
  • Painting
  • Fixture replacement
  • Tile
  • Fence repair
  • Deck repair
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Interior and exterior door replacement
  • Kitchen Backsplash
  • Pet door installation
  • And more!

“We rise by lifting others…”